BUILDING MASTERDATA - The high quality masterdata portal for the HVAC and sanitary sector

High quality masterdata for the HVAC and sanitary sector is the international product data management system for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning sector with high quality masterdata from well-known manufacturers for market partners.

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The high quality masterdata portal of HVAC and sanitary products

The platform provides standardized product data according to the BMDG (Building MasterData Guideline) standard for 13 countries as well as DQR data for the German market. All product data is available free of charge for registered partners.
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At Viega, we follow the guiding principle “Quality is everything. Without quality, everything is nothing.” and apply this to all aspects of our trade; this also and especially with regard to the provision and distribution of our product data.
With, we can provide our international customers with all the product master data they need on the market, and in a variety that was previously not possible by conventional means.
Especially our color images, logistic data and the more and more important ETIM data can be provided efficiently and up-to-date.
Data provision via building masterdata is based on the internationally standardized guideline BMDG, which covers all market requirements and thus ensures efficiency in the transfer of product data.
As Viega, we are happy to actively participate in the constant further development of building masterdata and the BMDG together with our market partners.
Dirk Gellisch - Managing Director Viega Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Dirk Gellisch
Managing Director
Viega Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Geberit has set itself the goal of delivering top performance at all times and in all places. We have therefore made continuous business process optimization part of our corporate strategy. In this context, efficient processes should ensure a leading and competitive cost structure on a sustainable basis, which we are able to implement in the area of international product data management with the BMDG data standard (DQR in Germany) and the Building Masterdata platform.
The publication of the data sets of our comprehensive product catalog, which are individualized for each country, not only offers advantages for us as manufacturers due to the consistent format, but our customers also benefit from being able to access the data catalogs of many manufacturers on a single platform in a uniform format at any time on Building Masterdata. The increase in efficiency is therefore given for both sides, industry and trade.
Martin Baumüller, Head Division Marketing & Brands / Group Executive Board, Geberit
Martin Baumüller
Head Division Marketing & Brands / Group Executive Board
Geberit Vertriebs GmbH

HVAC and sanitary industry

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